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The Value of Peak Sport Psychology, LLC

Welcome to Peak Sport Psychology, your opportunity to develop the mental edge you've always wanted. Whether you struggle with confidence, performance anxiety, motivation or something else, Peak offers resources and training for you to overcome yourself, and excel on the playing field.

Keep Climbing.

Runners Taking Off

About Me

My name is Michael Fogarty, M.Ed and I started Peak Sport Psychology, LLC with the sole purpose of providing athletes the mental performance resources necessary to reach their peak. I studied Sport Psychology at Boston University during a three year Master's program, and have accrued  over 1,000 hours of athlete sessions and team workshops. I've worked with a variety of Division 1, 2 and 3 athletes and coaches from many sports to unlock what brings out their best. Peak Sport Psychology, LLC is not a mental health service. It is purely dedicated to helping you and your team achieve the highest level of success possible. I believe that just as athletes have physical trainers to build their bodies, they also deserve a mental trainer to build their minds.

Golf - Baseball - Basketball - Triathlon - Teams

Peak Sport Psych Services

Swim Coach

1:1 Session

Individual consultations designed to enhance performance and remove barriers. Sessions can happen virtually, in an office setting or in the athlete's arena.

Rugby Players

Team Workshop

Group sessions focused on developing skills that will optimize the function of a cohesive unit, greater than the sum of its parts.

Online Fitness Class

Performance Program

No time for 1:1 sessions? Peak offers  individually tailored mental performance programs built to help you succeed in a manner most convenient for you.

Contact Me

Framingham, MA

(603) 933 - 0113

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